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Keith Jones Featured in EDC Investor Spotlight

San Diego, CA – Ace Parking’s Managing Principal, Keith B. Jones was recently featured in the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Investor Spotlight to discuss San Diego and the growth of local businesses.  Jones talked about the bright future he see’s for the region.  Supporting local businesses and working with our local civic leaders to help San Diego build and grow where two topics he discussed.   Jones  also talked about the pride he has for being a local San Diego business owner. He said, “I love the fact that my office has been located in downtown San Diego for over 65 years.” He went on to say, “In five years I want to remain a thriving, civically engaged family owned and operated company.  My belief is that if you uphold your team members and clients as paramount to your organization, then good things will happen both to the organization and to our customers.”  Check out the complete interview on the EDC site here.


Keith EDC

Ace Parking Unveils PARK FOR PINK Campaign

San Diego, CA – Ace Parking is showing their commitment to the community with a new campaign, PARK FOR PINK.  The basis for the campaign is to raise awareness, generate funds and motivate the community to fight cancer.  A portion of parking proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Ace will donate up to $20,000 each year through this program.

Why does Ace Parking care so much about cancer research? Keith B. Jones, Third generation Owner and Managing Partner of Ace Parking, says this public campaign began with a private struggle. His wife, Megan Jones was diagnosed with High Grade B- Cell Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma three years ago. Now in remission, Jones said the experience rocked their world to the core. Jones went on to say, ““Now, having three years to reflect on this transformational event, and having endured the trial together with my resilient and beautiful wife, we have tremendous compassion and empathy for those who continue to fight this battle. I am thrilled to have my family business Ace Parking be a platform for supporting those who are suffering from this disease, and assist those who will one day find a cure.”

Want to take part?  During the month of October, park with Ace Parking.  A portion of your parking fee will be used towards fighting cancer. Ace facilities will be easily identified by their pink colored PARK FOR PINK lot signage. Team members will be wearing bright pink buttons, as well as pink wristbands celebrating Ace Parking’s pledge.