Pay By Plate Is Changing Parking Management

San Diego, CA – Pay by plate is becoming increasingly popular with the growing demand for efficient payment processing. Parking managers such as Ace Parking often deal with a dozen different systems to operate a controlled paid parking facility. With the advent of services like Gtechna’s pay by plate, parking providers can leverage one unified system of integrated parking technologies with the simple use of a driver’s license plate number. Check out Gtechna’s new e-book, Pay by Plate 101 for more information on how this service is changing parking.


Real-Time Parking Information Site Makes Its Debut

San Diego, CA – Ever wonder where your meter money goes? Well, in San Diego it goes towards funding a new website called Civic San Diego introduced the responsive website/phone app which includes 75% of the parking facilities in Downtown San Diego neighborhoods. The site which kicked off with two Ace locations, 6th & K and Park it on Market, feature real-time parking space availability technology. Additional information the site provides include address, times of operation and cost. For more information check out the press release here.